Precio habitual

Our rates range from €18,000 to €41,000 per week.

Villa Aqua, true to its name, is nestled in a breathtaking natural setting, enveloped by lush greenery in a prime location midway between the southern and western beaches of the island. This ensures optimal privacy while still conveniently close to many attractions in Ibiza.

The house embodies the essence of a classic Mediterranean summer retreat. Its outdoor terrace wraps around a distinctive semi-circular pool, offering multiple relaxation areas for guests, including a dining spot complete with an outdoor kitchen. Children can enjoy the expansive, well-maintained lawn or explore the secure play area on the property.

Inside, the ambiance is warm and inviting, adorned with local crafts, rugs, lamps, and wooden accents that infuse each space with character. Rather than ostentatious luxury, the interiors exude a refined yet laid-back vibe, providing all the comforts expected of a summer residence.

Villa Aqua is exceptionally family-friendly, with thoughtful amenities and dedicated attention to younger guests, making it an ideal choice for families seeking a welcoming retreat in Ibiza.